The Citizen’s Guide to Obamacare, Gruber edition

One of Obamacare’s Chief Masterminds Describes the Plan, His Presentation Captured and Rendered Onto Paper for Public Discussion

OCTS original reporting
Dec. 2, 2014

In a series of presentations circa 2012, Professor Jonathan Gruber traveled America promoting his creation, Obamacare, to America’s would-be ruling class: ivory-towered academics.

The Obamacare architect’s newly-discovered videos are the first honest, adult-level explanation of Obamacare most Americans have ever had the chance to see.

Not meant for We the People[1], the videos are as refreshing in their clarity as they are chilling in their intentions (and vision for American healthcare).

Like any good fast-talking salesman, the Professor beguiles his audiences with his 220-word-per-minute delivery, too rapidly for the uninitiated to intelligently question or wonder. Speed covers many errors, assumptions, and inconsistencies in the plan.

In the interest of public discussion, the Obamacare Truth Squad has transcribed one of Prof. Gruber’s entire presentations, freezing it on paper for more sober and rational analysis. Examined on its merits, Obamacare wobbles badly.

We’ve also added commentary and references highlighting some of Obamacare’s many errors, assumptions, false dilemmas, and other defects, all in language an ordinary concerned citizen can understand, plus we’ve added navigation aids and other enhancements to the transcript itself.

For anyone who’s at all interested in understanding Obamacare, take it from us, reading this transcript is the single-best two hours you could have possibly spent in the entire nearly five-year history of the law. It’s the most illuminating exposition of Obamacare bar none, and lays bare the stereotypical Big Government central planners’ chilling mindset at no extra charge.

The full document (transcript, with OCTS commentary, index, and references) is available below, just a click away.

The Citizens Guide to Obamacare_Gruber Edition rev1.0

[1] In fact, the University of Rhode Island suddenly deleted the video transcribed here without explanation – during  transcription – shortly after it was discovered and became controversial.  Thankfully, American Commitment posted a replacement so the work could be completed.

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