Top Tweets – Something Wrong with the Way Obamacare Supporters Think

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Schumer: wrong to focus on the uninsured and pass #Obamacare b/c the uninsured don’t vote (huh?)

NOW Harkin tells us: #ACA does not simplify healthcare or reduce costs, better to have done nothing at all

Howard Dean: #Obamacare a special interest bonanza – “Everyone got their deal”

$20B later, now they tell us: EHR holy grail of interoperability “impossible in the abstract” (oversold)

Low-income people in high cost areas find #Obamacare unaffordable even after subsidies

SHOP exchange floundering; does not let employers give workers choice of several plans from different insurers.

Medicaid expansion has NOT added healthcare jobs as touted; more jobs added in non-expansion states

More Americans delaying medical treatment under #Obamacare (#ACA has made problem WORSE not better as promised)

CRS: justification for medical device tax is thin; will fall on consumers, not corporate profits

EEOC sues #ACA-compliant corporate wellness plans; CEOs threaten to pull support for law


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