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Crony Alert – H&R Block CEO: ‘tax complexity good for us, we’ll get a boost from #Obamacare’

Individual Coercion Mandate: 21 pages of IRS instructions

Notorious #Obamacare #crony Serco should have been fined for nonperformance of Virginia road contract, IG finds

Hold’em accountable for result: premiums up 49%, 90% on welfare, enrollment lies, 44% docs cutting back, longer waits

#Obamacare ‘cover everybody’ approach raises demand for medical services without increasing supply

Exchange applicants seeing incorrect subsidy amounts

Patients clipped for access to their own EHRs. (We already paid $20B, how much more do they want?)

Cadillac plans dying out, as planned (Yo – Union members! Still love #Obamacare?)

Judicial Watch: D.C. Gov’t Concedes Law Does Not Allow Congress to Obtain #Obamacare in ‘Small Business Exchange’

Furious Harvard profs hoisted by own petard; asked to pay more due to #Obamacare reforms they championed

Health economist in Kafkaesque netherworld run by Keystone Cops, all because of #Obamacare

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