Top Tweets – Big Brother ACA is Watching You

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Data companies tracking you on, including Google and Facebook sends your data to co.s w/o consent (how much does gov’t make selling it & where’s my cut?)

Congress (including Dems) demands answers on #data sharing with private companies

States could use #ACA-generated data to skirt 2nd Amendment, enforce mental health restrictions on gun ownership

Plenty of other bad news this week:

35 doctor groups blast EHR meaningful use requirements; interfering with patient needs.

UnitedHealth takes $1 billion hit to earnings from #Obamacare (investors, beware happy-face reporting)

Small farms puzzled by #ACA prohibition w/$36,500/yr fines on reimbursing employees for health insurance costs

Medicaid spikes $1.1B in Mass primarily due to Medicaid expansion. Dem: ‘need to rein numbers in’ (huh?)

Just try applying final calorie-count rule to billion+ pizza topping combinations

There is hope:

Many nullification and navigator oversight bills pending in state legislatures

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