Obamacare Spiked MA Medicaid Costs $1 Billion

Comment: Gruber and the President both repeatedly told America that Obamacare was a ‘Republican’ idea, the same as Romneycare.  Really?  They might want to tell Massachusetts.

Massachusetts already had nearly universal insurance coverage under Romneycare, with a healthcare exchange.  Switching from Romneycare just cost Massachusetts’ Medicaid program one billion dollars, and added legions of new dependents to their state rolls, and all of this in a state that already boasted nearly universal coverage.

“Massachusetts’ Medicaid caseloads spiked in fiscal year 2014, leading to an increase in spending of more than $1.1 billion.”

“The growth was due primarily to the Affordable Care Act, the national health care reform law under which Massachusetts expanded eligibility for Medicaid.”

Medicaid costs spiked $1 billion in Massachusetts primarily due to Affordable Care Act
By Shira Schoenberg, January 22, 2015

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