Obamacare to Kill 190,000 Plans in Colorado

Comment: Next year 190,000 Coloradans can look forward to losing the plans President Obama promised they could keep, “period.”  State officials have zero concern, however, being more worried about taking these people’s money for revenue to support the shiny new Obamacare system, rather than whether people have or can keep the insurance they liked and could afford. #MoreGovernmentPlease! #BeatUsUpSomeMore!

“Health insurance policies that don’t meet Affordable Care Act requirements can’t continue into 2016, the Colorado Division of Insurance announced Friday.”

“Almost 190,000 people will have their individual or small-group plans terminated at the end of this year.”

” ‘It’s time for them to get on to a better plan,’ Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar said. ‘And this will help the exchange. I think with their grant money running out, it’s important to have more people in the exchange to give (it) more income.’”

Colorado says health plans covering 190k will be discontinued
By Electa Draper

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