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Back in the ‘90s, a member of the Truth Squad was giving a presentation to a group of journalists, telling them about a rooming house owner in California who killed six of her renters, buried them in the backyard, and continued to cash their SSI checks. The response from the journalists: ‘Oh, that’s not news.’ So you see, journalists were lapdogs for Big Government even back then. Fast forward to now, there is a daily stream of Medicaid fraud stories, but journalists, by and large, remain uninterested. Well, they should be. The numbers are astounding.  The variety of ways to defraud the program is breathtaking.  This is a newsworthy issue, as the Truth Squad sees it, and we will continue to pound it.  It’s your money, America – demand better!  And don’t expand government healthcare programs like Medicaid unless you’re willing to go beyond the unicorns and rainbows advocates always promise and build in tight fraud controls from the start.

U.S. recovered $3.3 billion in healthcare fraud in FY14. #MoreGovernmentPlease

Hospital execs convicted of defrauding Medicaid, bribing docs for referrals for unnecessary procedures

Colorado nurse sentenced for Medicaid fraud for submitting false time sheets (yes, journalists, this IS news)

A New Jersey-based pharma to pay $39 million for Medicaid fraud.

New York a pushover for Medicaid fraud; changes needed

Bad Medicaid payments increasing; a top 5 worst program (expansioners say they have a handle on fraud – baloney!)

Tax preparers scamming filers for #Obamacare individual mandate penalty – ‘pay it to us’ even when you don’t owe it.

Health Insurance (HIT) Tax to cause massive job losses, higher premiums

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the most unfair #ACA tax of all?

#Obamacare is the reason you can’t get the IRS on the phone to answer your tax questions – happy now?

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