Obamacare Poisoning Small Businesses’ Coverage

Comment: Small business owners report that the fallout from 2013′s Lie of the Year (‘you can keep your plan’) continues. Obamacare is still relentlessly violating its promises, trampling the plans small business owners liked which President Obama promised they could keep. Obamacare is raising the small business premiums Nancy Pelosi told them would go down.

In Norwegian, Swedish, and German, ‘gift‘ means ‘poison.’  In that sense, and that sense only, Obamacare is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ten percent of small business owners had their personal insurance plans cancelled last year, for example, something the President and others promised wouldn’t happen when they were pushing the law through Congress. Twelve percent of owners renewed their old plans early in order to avoid higher premiums and narrower choices, two results that were also not part of the deal.”

“Most disappointing, according to Wade, is that a large majority of small business owners report higher premiums despite the fact that the law was billed as a way for them to reduce their expenses.”

” “We found that 62 percent of small business owners are paying higher premiums while only eight percent say their costs have dropped,” she said.”

NFIB Updates Senate on Obamacare: Data Validates the Doubters
Jack Mozloom, March 19, 2015

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