Top Tweets – More Bad News for Obamacare Lovers

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IRS claws back money from brain tumor victim who wrongly estimated his income on #Obamacare tax form

House plan to balance budget, block-grant Medicaid would eliminate promised 90-100% match for Medicaid expansion

Dems beg for delay of “harmful and disruptive” #ACA small company requirement

VA Construction Chief Resigns amid $1B cost overruns (more of what happens when you turn medicine over to the gov’t)

UK Hospital Covers Up Baby Deaths. Story at – Deadly Germs series (Government-Run Medicine)

IHOP Owner Sold 16 Restaurants Because of #Obamacare

Many employers reducing hours to avoid #Obamacare employer mandate (where’s your compassion now?)

#ACA enrollment short of projections and not near enough for actuarial or political sustainability

Tougher sledding for #ACA enrollment gains ahead

Sittin’ in my Edsel, drinkin’ my New Coke, lovin’ my #Obamacare.


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