Proof: Obamacare is Actually ObamaCAID

Universal Medicaid: Nearly Every Net New Insured is on Medicaid.  Millions Lose Employer Insurance.

Comment: Our new self-appointed health care liars overseers have pronounced 14.1 million people covered by Obamacare.  On closer inspection, what they really meant, it seems, is that 8.7 million people have been made public wards (Medicaid, hooray!), about 6.9 million people lost the employer plans President Obama said 19 times they could keep, and many if not most buying private plans were forced to, after losing their employer plans.  Yep, that’s great news!

In other words, Obamacare isn’t a solution to over-priced insurance, it doesn’t help ordinary people, and it hasn’t made insurance more affordable for the people who are forced to actually pay for it. It’s simply welfare.

“Medicaid enrollment grew by 8.7 million individuals in 2014.”

[...] “Private market data, which comes from quarterly reports health insurers file with state regulators, shows 5.8 million people gained coverage through the individual market during the first three quarters of 2014. ”

[...] “Over the same period, enrollment in fully insured employer plans—meaning group policies employers purchase from insurers—decreased by 6.3 million individuals, but enrollment in self-insured employer plans grew by 1.4 million individuals. That means 4.9 million fewer Americans had employer group coverage. So [...] we are left with a net gain in private coverage of slightly less than 900,000 people for the first nine months of 2014.”

Did 14.1 Million People Gain Health Coverage? Fact Checking the Obama Administration’s Claim
Edmund Haislmaier / March 23, 2015

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