Top Tweets – Government as Corrupt Enabler

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Bad people are doing bad things – on your dime! It’s your money, America – Demand better!

Detroit Medicaid mom tortures kids to death, sticks them in a freezer (government dough rots the soul)

 Criminal Medicare/Medicaid overbilling probe widens.

Deceptive networks list phone numbers for gas stations, restaurants, pill-mills, shady providers. (Utopia is so hard)

9 NY doctors accused of Medicaid fraud using homeless as fake clients

CBO adopts new conflict-of-interest rules to avoid repeat of Jonathan #Gruber

Va school district seeking Medicaid for non-health purposes caught in construction boondoggle

Washington State loses 3-10% annually in Medicaid money to fraud

 VA official tells Congress wait time at L.A. facility is 4 days when in fact it is 44 days still vulnerable to hack attacks, massive identity theft

#ACA-favored hospitals scuttle reversal of restrictions on competitors owned by doctors

The cronyism and naked pursuit of self-interest are betrayals of the ideals underlying #Obamacare.

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