FLASHBACK: Obamacare Scrooges Cancer Care

Comment: New HHS jingle? “Don’t worry, there are no death panels.  If you get cancer we’ll just withhold your care.  (Euthanasia, however, is fully-covered, hint hint.)”

But there’s a catch with Keller’s new Humana Gold gold plan: His surgical oncologist at University of Cincinnati’s Barrett Cancer Center isn’t considered an in-network provider. That means he could be on the hook for costly out-of-network charges. And unlike in-network benefits, bans on lifetime benefit caps and annual limitations on cost-sharing established through Obamacare, don’t apply to out-of-network costs.

“It was very deceiving going to the marketplace,” said Keller. “I absolutely thought UC would be included. It’s unfathomable to me they aren’t in-network.”

Health plans may omit top cancer hospitals

By Lisa Bernard-Kuhn, lbernard@enquirer.com 5:29 a.m. EDT March 28, 2014
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