Top Tweets – Death Spiral Talk Swirling Again


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Governors took center stage this past week, and talk of an Obamacare death spiral is swirling again:

FL Guv reverses course, OPPOSES Medicaid expansion. Afraid feds will renege after static about hospital grants.

Nebraska Governor: Washington reneged on CoOportunity Health coo-op, will renege on Medicaid expansion, too.

Nebraska Governor: redistribution did not produce good-paying jobs in the Soviet Union. No to Medicaid expansion.

ICYMI: Gov. Kitzhaber’s office tried to delete emails showing campaign consultant in charge of Cover Oregon

#ExposeTheirMethods – Alabama governor stacks task force with Medicaid expansion advocates

#Obamacare insurance death spiral underway as premiums set to spike again and young bail out

Enrollment: more old, sick, subsidy-needy. Not enough young does in the forest to make it all work.

More on people opting for the fine instead of #ACA policies

Easy pickin’s over for #ACA enrollment; number signed up actually dropped in 2 states in year 2.

CBO: deficit up this year because of #Obamacare. Big spike in Medicaid spending (duh!)

“The political team was still gun-shy of touting how much of a welfare program Obamacare actually was.” (Brill book p309) #Welfare #ObamacareIsWelfare

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