Single-Payer Worship Causes 9,000 Needless Deaths a Year in U.K.

Comment: With 64 million people, the United Kingdom has 1/5th the population of the United States (318 million). 9,000 deaths in their population corresponds to five times as many–45,000 excess annual deaths–in a population as large as the U.S.A.’s. Question: Would 45,000 annual deaths from single-payer be acceptable in the U.S.?

“He found that cancer survival rates were lower in the UK than elsewhere, with British patients suffering from breast, cervical and colorectal cancer less likely to survive than their counterparts in Germany and the Netherlands.”

“British sufferers of a stroke were also less likely to survive than German, Dutch or Swiss stroke patients, and clinical quality and safety is lower on the NHS than in Germany or Switzerland, with the result that there were more post-operative complications in Britain than in those countries.”

“But perhaps most damning were the numbers of needless deaths: as many as 9,000 people are thought to have died each year who wouldn’t have done had they been treated in Germany.”

Revealed: the 9,000 Deaths A Year Caused by Our Politicians Worshipping at the Altar of the NHS

by Donna Rachel Edmunds 6 Apr 2015

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