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Florida to sue feds for putting gun to its head (‘pass Medicaid expansion or no hospital funding’)

Average individual mandate penalty: $1,130

Restaurateur testifies premiums up 60% after #Obamacare, only 4% of hourly staff has enrolled.

States questioned legality of fed exchange subsidies in 2012 (#ACAers claim issue never came up; #LIARS)

IRS providing subsidies to certain low-income aliens and people below clear statutory income cutoff (100% FPL)

 Reader Favorites:

Arkansas has not re-verified eligibility of Medicaid expansion enrollees, in violation of federal law

Signs point to possibility #Obamacare enrollment may already have peaked.

U.S. Olympic Committee health plan fail to meet #Obamacare standards; penalties waived for athletes. #KeepYourPlan

#ACA’s Medicare Advantage cuts catastrophic for Puerto Ricans (all to fund, who, again?)

OCTS Commentary:

True catastrophic insurance gets rid of the officious intermeddling priestly class of the Church of the Holy Tax Credit.

May your subsidies be generous, your calorie count pleasing to Washington, and your EHRs not be sold to marketers.

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