Top Tweets – Medicaid a Fiscal Disaster

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The Senate spit on the American people this week, the Obama administration widened its bullying of the states, and several stories appeared reminding us that Medicaid expansion is a fiscal disaster.

GOP vote against Vitter subpoena request on Congressional #ACA exemption defies 90%+ of the American people

Feds put gun to head in Tennessee and Kansas: Medicaid expansion or else!

Tennessee Medicaid expansion killed in committee–Legislature-Roundup

Texas Governor supports Florida suit against feds for gun-to-head Medicaid expansion coercion

Florida Chamber of Commerce drops support of Medicaid expansion

Sharyl Attkisson unmasks Covered California Pt1– “unaccountable monster”, call center chaos, enrollment puffery, more

Sharryl Attkisson: culture of secrecy at Covered California (‘don’t use government email’)

Table shows Medicaid expansion enrollment has exceeded projections in state after state

Easy Medicaid signup produces surge of food stamp applications in several states

U of Virginia report: Medicaid crowding out higher education spending, making it difficult to sustain funding levels

Report: Medicaid expansion would be financial disaster for Louisiana; 16 of 17 expansion states way over budget

Grim Reaper Peter Singer: let’s be open about rationing & killing disabled infants under #Obamacare (#CompassionNOT)

Hitler had universal healthcare – and killed disabled people because they ‘cost too much’.

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