Oklahoma City Now a Medical Tourism Destination

Comment: Score one for free market medicine!

“Oklahoma City has become a medical tourist destination, according to an industry expert, leading the charge for a different method of healthcare delivery, specifically one that embraces the principles and fundamentals of the free market.”

“The reason for this, claims Smith, is the ability for healthcare consumers to research costs at several Oklahoma facilities.”

“In 1997, Dr. Smith began sharing pricing over the phone and now publishes his prices online. It was upon his online publishing that he started seeing patients traveling long distances.”

“When asked how many healthcare providers or facilities publish their pricing, Dr. Smith answered, “The number of us are small but growing.””

“Oklahoma City is also home to the Free Market Medical Association….”

“Ultimately, Dr. Smith believes that transparent pricing is the best hope for reducing costs in healthcare.”

““In our experience, we have seen prices plummet and quality soar,” said Dr. Smith. “The patients are extremely happy.””

Why has Oklahoma City become a ‘medical tourism’ destination?
by Matthew Moore
July 20, 2015

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