Actually Making Health Care Affordable, in Real Life

Doing what Obamacare can never do

Comment: At OCTS we spend a lot of time showing how awful and silly Obamacare is, how misconceived, and perfectly backwards Obamacare is compared to what America really needs: less government, less interference, more choice, and fewer middlemen. That’s how you make something more compassionate, and it costs less too. Here’s a shining example of yet another medical practice that’s doing it right–doctors working directly with patients, who pay them for their services.

(We fully concede this does not solve every problem, but it goes a long way toward solving the worst problem–cost–which then makes every other problem smaller, and easier to solve.)

“There’s a simple solution to this problem and it is one available to all physicians: Stop accepting insurance and instead work directly and exclusively for your patients.”

“My partner and I did this back in 1998 and since then have enjoyed a most wonderful practice. We charge fairly and rationally for our work—our fees don’t have to be artificially inflated to account for the big discount the insurance companies apply—and about 10% of our care is provided gratis to deserving patients.”

“I am increasingly convinced that the solution to much of what ails our health-care system lies not in commercial or government insurance, but in physicians reclaiming what we lost when we ceded control to insurance companies.”

Jonathan Sheldon, M.D.
Doctors Serve Patients Without Insurance
The Wall Street Journal,  July 27, 2015

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