The Administration is Lying About Premium Increases

Comment: The Administration is publicly boasting about Obamacare’s supposedly low premium hikes. Meanwhile, they’re paying insurers under the table to keep rate increases lower than they otherwise would be.

OCTS has previously published documentation showing that Obamacare has raised individual premiums some 53% since 2013, with more hikes to come.  Summary?  Obamacare costs a lot more, they’re lying about it, and covering their tracks.

OCTS original reporting:

The graphic below is taken from a new analysis of factors driving rate increases, recently published by the American Academy of Actuaries’ Health Practice Council.

The graphic details how the reinsurance program artificially covered up 10-14% of Obamacare policies’ cost in 2014, and that the government has been paying a substantial (and arbitrarily increased) portion of the insurance companies’ costs for claims between $45,000 and $250,000.  Both actions have the effect of subsidizing insurance companies with your federal taxes, hiding the real cost of your insurance premiums.

The graphic also discloses that the range of that coverage was extended to include claims as low as $45,000 instead of the original $70,000 limit, and that the government is jiggering the co-insurance percentage to manipulate (hide) rate increases as well.

Drivers of 2016 Health Insurance Premium Changes
American Academy of Actuaries

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