Analyst: Obamacare “Sucks”

Comment: “There’s big trouble in Obamacare land.” Yep.

“But insurance industry consultant and frequent Obamacare critic Robert Laszewski says that forcing people to change plans in order to avoid huge increases is just one problem of many. “This is a debacle. This is a blow-up. This is a mess,” he said. “There’s big trouble in Obamacare land. The biggest carriers are losing their shirts” and thus seeking the biggest rate increases.”

“A fundamental problem, though, says Laszewski, is that too many consumers don’t see the value in the plans available to them and would prefer to simply pay the tax penalty. “The products suck, nobody’s buying them,” he says bluntly. “The reason we’ve got these big increases is because we only have a 40% take-up rate.” He says to succeed plans will need to sign up at least 70% of those eligible.”

HHS pushes states to negotiate lower Obamacare premiums
By Julie Rovner, July 24, 2015

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