Obamacare Wants to Beat Poor Americans Into Compliance

Comment: In the carrot-and-stick metaphor, a carrot is used to tempt, and a stick is used to beat a recalcitrant beast of burden.  Obamacare views you as the latter.  When Obamacare’s Grubers speak of ‘getting out the stick,’ they’re talking about beating Americans, like in police states. But don’t worry, it’s not a government takeover, and it’s not taking your liberty or your choices.  Just keep pulling the cart, beast.

Meanwhile, for most people the ‘Liberty Tax’ is still far cheaper than over-priced, low-quality Obamacare phony-insurance.  The Liberty Tax set to get even cheaper over time–the Liberty Tax is now at its highest, but under the law is pegged to the Consumer Price Index going forward, which does not increase as rapidly as premiums.

” “Given that the penalty is larger, it does make sense to bring it up more frequently,” said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, a liberal advocacy group. “It’s an increasing factor in people’s decisions about whether or not to get enrolled.”"

“”More and more, people are mentioning the sticks as well as the carrots,” said Katherine Hempstead, director of health insurance coverage for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a nonpartisan organization that has helped facilitate the insurance expansion under Obama’s law.”

If you’re poor, liked your plan, but can’t afford certified bloated Obamacare, Obamacare is thrilled to Obamacane you.  Grubers call the fear of being beaten a “message” that “resonates” with poor people.

“Hempstead says the message about penalties resonates with uninsured people, who are generally cash-strapped low- and middle-income workers. ”

Bigger bite for health law penalty on uninsured

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