ObamaCo-Ops Crash and Burn, Victims Lose Plans

Comment: Government-conjured Co-Ops are Co-Flopping across the country. (Our friendly reporter blames this on the government not bailing them out (yeah, that’s a ‘free market’), but the actual cause is that the politicians running ObamUnCare pressed these weak companies to sell at a loss to fool you about Obamacare’s actual cost.  These companies complied, expecting a bailout under the table, but Obamacare Grubered* them!)

(*) Gruber, v. To swindle, mislead, or otherwise take advantage of the American voter.  From Prof. Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare mastermind.

UPDATE – At this writing, there have been 12 #CoOpFlops, bilking American taxpayers out of $1.3 billion and leaving 740,000 de-planned victims in their wake. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PLAN!

“This month alone, four co-ops in Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee and Oregon have announced that they were folding. They join four others in Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada and New York that had already collapsed or planned to shut down. The eight co-ops, which received nearly $900 million in federal loans, had more than 500,000 customers.”

How an insurance startup’s slowdown is disrupting the Illinois marketplace

Ameet Sachdev, Reporter, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 23, 2015
October 23, 2015 14:11:00CDT
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