COLLAPSE: One Quarter of Illinois Obamacampers Lose Doctors & Plans

Comment: If you liked you doctor or your plan, you don’t get to keep them.  We’d like to say something funny here folks, but this is just cruel.  Obamacare is cruel. It disrupts people’s  lives, their care, and it hurts. 

But the elimination of the plan has thousands of Blue Cross customers facing the prospect that they may not be able to see their doctors or go to their hospitals next year. That includes cancer patients like Jago who are concerned about the continuity of their care. Parents like Connie Wood, of Deerfield, who has a child with special needs and may be forced to choose between losing some specialists or paying significantly more for out-of-network medical services. Customers like Thomas Hansen, 64, who’s upset about the loss of access to some of the Chicago area’s top hospitals.

Altogether, about 173,000 people are in the PPO plan that Blue Cross, the state’s largest health insurer, is dropping. That’s nearly one-fourth of the individuals and families in Illinois who bought insurance in the marketplace under the Affordable Care Act.

Blue Cross cancellation sends consumers scrambling
by Ameet Sachdev, Chicago Tribune

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