Top Tweets – ‘Medicaid for All’? LOL!

Bend cost curve down – ha! Medicaid up 18%, overhead up 11%, overall up 5.3%

#CoOp flops, past proposals to cut Medicaid reimbursement rate show money from Washington is not reliable

Senate maneuvering to gut Medicaid expansion shows money from Washington is not reliable

Kentucky Medicaid expansion has not produced jobs as predicted; in fact, healthcare jobs DOWN by thousands

Medicaid expansion financed by $716B chop to Medicare. Why take from grandma to give to 28yo living in her basement?

Medicaid expansion match rate is 100% for able-bodied adults but only half for indigents – what sense does that make?

Virginia hospital finances improving, completely undercutting case for Medicaid expansion

Editorial eviscerates Virginia hospital association’s claims of poverty (and, thus, need for Medicaid expansion)

If states want to bail out hospitals, they should do it directly with state funds, not Medicaid expansion

Ten convicted of filing false Medicaid claims for mental health services

Retweet from Virginia state senator Mark Obenshain:
@GovernorVA says he can expand Medicaid at no cost. Who knows, maybe there are GreenTech jobs in Mississippi?

Medi-Cal worse survival rates than insured. Government kills with kindness and phony programs making you think it cares.  (h/t Cal Pol Rev)

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