Top Tweets – Higher Costs All Around

#ACA does not control costs; it merely shifts costs from unhealthy 20% to healthy 80% 

Alaska victims: $1,200/mo premium w/$10K deductible; $3,131/mo, almost $38,000/yr. ”What is a young family to do?”

More victims of this pernicious law: Nashville restaurant closes b/c of #ACA’s untenable burden.

“Uninsured People Eligible For #Obamacare Face Average $969 Penalty In 2016”

Corporate welfare risk corridor and reinsurance payments to insurers amounted to $10.4 billion in 2014 benefit year.

Risk corridor bailouts would keep true cost of insurance hidden from public and policymakers

If UnitedHealth leaves #Obamacare, expect higher prices and more turmoil

If #Obamacare can only survive with corporate welfare insurer subsidies, the entire law should be replaced

Medical inflation among bad results of 100 yrs of gov’t intervention to fix problems caused by earlier interventions

Affordable? Hah! They couldn’t have made #Obamacare more expensive if they had tried.

What’s the problem with healthcare? Here’s a big clue. More administrators but not more docs

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