unACA Expansion Flood Drowns Medicaid System

“We have free health insurance, but that doesn’t mean we have healthcare.”

Comment: The unAffordable Act’s expanded Medicaid (coming to a state near you), eagerly herds legions into the government’s Under-the-Poverty-Line Welfare Trap(tm), which is also expanding due to the ‘woodwork effect’. The millions the unAffordable Act just added to public assistance come at bitter cost, however, to those who previously depended on Medicaid as a vital lifeline.

“We may have “free” health insurance, but the Affordable Healthcare Act has flooded the system with so many Medicaid patients that there simply aren’t enough doctors to see us. With two young kids who get sick often, I was crushed to learn that the pediatrician Medicaid assigned to us is based several hours from our home. Recently, even our local hospital was moved out-of-network. My son is in desperate need of specialized care, but has been on the waiting list to see a specialist for 18 months now — a list the office receptionist told me he would probably never make it to the top of because privately insured patients would be moved ahead of him.”

“We have free health insurance, but that doesn’t mean we have healthcare. “

‘I Am a Welfare Mom and I Can Tell You: It’s a Nightmare Come True’

Yahoo News, retrieved 14-Dec-2015

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