Top Tweets – Rotten to the Core

Lies, trickery, deceit, concealment, misdirection. The many ways Obamacare betrays your trust, like a lover who cheats on you, didn’t end when the law was signed in 2010. The corruption continues to this day and WILL NOT EVER END, because Obamacare is corrupt to its core and corrupts everyone who comes into contact with it.

#CronyAlert – fraud-ridden, Andy Slavitt-tied Optum unit gets big no-bid, sole source, open-ended HHS contract

Andy Slavitt slammed for making imprecise, misleading statements about #ACA coverage gains, healthcare spending

Now Gruber tells us: “We were excited … but … rates coming in so far below projections was not sustainable”

Cost-concealing provisions scheduled to expire; premiums will jump another 12.1% (we were low-balled by shysters)

#Obamacare for 2016: fewer choices, higher prices. 600 fewer plans to choose from.

Next time u r tempted to say ‘u can keep your plan’– don’t. We need a safe space from your lies and a trigger warning u r about to lie again

More lies: ‘free’ #ACA checkups not really free; patients surprised w/bills for asking questions. #LIARS

DSH dollars being diverted away from hospitals and being spent elsewhere. #MissionCreep

Not only does Hillary Clinton now admit #Obamacare pushing people to part-time work, she ‘worries’ about it.

#TBT – Stupidity of the American Policymaker. #Gruber’s Greatest Hits in 2-min video montage. Watch #PelosiSputter.

The corrupt means used to pass #Obamacare – lies, dirty deals, coercion – guaranteed it would never reach noble ends.

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