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Thank you, Congress, for putting a repeal bill on the President’s desk.

Coming up: The President’s veto denies 22 million people better healthcare.

House GOP, don’t pat yourselves on the back. End the ‘small business’ flim-flam & repeal your #Obamacare exemption

Enrollment figures inflated; includes those who will never pay. Still less than half original projections.

New rule turns doctors into federal agents and gun grabbers

Little Sisters tell SCOTUS ‘ridiculous gov’t can’t supply contraceptives w/o involving nuns & their health plans’

Job-killing #Obamacare requirements slam firms with 50-99 workers; progs calling for repeal

#MissionCreep CMS to spend $157M on housing, food, utilities, domestic violence for Medicaid recipients

Prog study: lower income paying 10-20% of their income on #ObamaCare AFTER subsidies

 #Obamacare #WhackaMole continues as some insurers offer ‘free’ doctor visits.

“Colorado’s #Obamacare Marketplace Didn’t Check Applicants’ Eligibility”

Vermont faces $30-40M Medicaid budget shortfall FY16, grows to $50-60M FY17; must raise taxes or cut benefits.

 If opposition to #Obamacare is ‘extreme’ by your standards, then to hell with your standards.

Let the control freak #masterminds who want to engineer all of healthcare play in a real sandbox instead of messing with our lives.

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