2015: The Year These Big Obamcare Lies Came Home to Roost

Lie #1. KEEP YOUR PLAN: Remember how you’d be able to keep your plans? That was before Obamacare made them untenable…
“Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has changed all of the plans it offers through Healthcare.gov from preferred provider organization (PPO) to health maintenance organization (HMO) plans.”

Lie #2. AFFORDABILITY: Remember how the President said the unAffordable Act would let you keep everything you had,  just save you money?
The costs for individuals is unbelievable,” he said. “We’ve seen some very, very high premiums. I haven’t seen an increase this big in the 20 years I’ve been working in the industry.

“Some individuals have seen premium increases of more than 20 percent and some businesses have seen 40 to 60 percent increases, Gussio said.”

“According to a Kaiser Foundation poll of 1,202 adults between the ages of 18 and 64, 46 percent said they tried to get health insurance but found it was too expensive, even with government subsidies.”

Lie #3. INCREASED COMPETITION and CHOICE: Remember how this colossal takeover was going to increase competition and choice?
“The increases are partially due to the number of health insurance companies that are going under or are merging with other companies, he said.”

Lie #4. AMERICANS WILL LOVE IT: Remember how everyone was going to love this bearded platypus? Americans consider the penalty a bargain, compared to being ripped-off  for a useless Obamacare policy.
“Many people are saying they would rather pay the penalty for not having insurance at all rather than pay $1,400 a month for insurance they may not use, Gussio said.”

“Businesses with 50 or more employees are also looking at paying the penalty rather than purchasing health insurance for their employees, Gussio said. ”

Remember when the Dept. of Health and inHuman Service pishawed suggestions that Obamacare’s price-tag would have employers dumping their employees into its unAffordable (taxpayer-subsidized) health gulags, a.k.a. “exchanges”…?
“In some cases, it’s cheaper to pay [the] $2,000 per employee [fine] per year and give them the money to buy through the Exchange than it is for the larger employer to purchase a plan, he said.”

Obamacare options contracting and getting more expensive
December 27, 2015 6:45 am  •  SUZANNE ADAMS-OCKRASSA Sun Staff Reporter

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