Top News Stories (tweets from the Obamacare Truth Squad)

The President’s veto denies 22 million people better healthcare.

Emails show feds tried to subject as many religious organizations as possible to contraceptive mandate

#ACA age 26 mandate cuts paychecks of ALL w/employer plans by $1,200 whether have kids or not

Only 26% of enrollees are young adults, far short of the 40% needed to avoid death spiral

Humana expected to leave #Obamacare exchanges next year

Wheels coming off – “Fifty-plus insurers nationwide are exiting the exchanges”

“Going bare” – estimated 7M Americans find #Obamacare just too expensive, despite subsidies

#Obamacare needs liposuction – growth in per capita health spending spikes under #ACA

Kentucky to dismantle state exchange. #AnotherObamacareFail

Gaming the Employer Mandate #5 – offer hi-deductible insurance your employees don’t want

Gaming the Employer Mandate #4 – ‘voluntarily’ work less than 30 hours to get exchange subsidies

#CronyAlert – #Obamacare Architect Zeke Emanuel cashes in, joins venture cap firm (still hopes to die at 75?)

Did you know Medicaid has a Lottery Loophole? Lump sum payout counted as income only in month it is received

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