The Games People Play (Top Tweets from the Obamacare Truth Squad)

Whole lotta gaming going on; existential threat to #ACA from sick people running up bills & ditching out, not paying

Ways to Defraud Medicaid #142 – use day care center to sign up ineligibles for long-term care ($47M).

VT Guv proposes more provider tax shell games to close $55 million Medicaid expansion shortfall

Slavitt admits HHS “blew it”, kept writing check to co-ops despite knowing they were hemorrhaging money

$1B – price tag for O-admin proceeding with #ACA even though it knew it could not verify tax credit eligibility 

HHS knew it was opening with bugs and security issues (saw train wreck coming) 

#LIARS in WVa: Medicaid ‘not welfare’, ‘bridge to middle class’, ‘insurers rarely offer long term care plans’

House GOP issues subpoena related to unappropriated cost sharing subsidies

Illinois co-op drops academic hospital from network AFTER people sign up. #ObamacareIsBetter

UK single-payer system gives private coverage to officials hired to reduce ‘health inequalities’ in system.

Tea Party Youth ‏@TeaPartyYouth
The top 50 hospitals that gouge patients the most  via @postgraphics

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