Top Tweets – Readers’ Choice

Here are our most popular tweets from the last seven days:

Anthem says it will probably hike #ACA premiums next year, believes others still not charging their fair share

Average #Obamacare premium up 9%. #ItsNotWorking

#Obamacare needs liposuction – growth in per capita health spending spikes under #ACA

Pegging tax credits to 2nd-lowest Silver plan causes higher percentage increases in costs for low-income enrollees.

O-admin has repeatedly broken the law in implementing the #ACA. If you like your #RuleOfLaw, YOU CAN’T KEEP IT.

CBO: enrollment to peak at 16M, far fewer than number who could not keep their plan or had rate hikes or fines

ANDY SLAVITT: CMS Monitored Exchange Eligibility. REALILTY: Fake Applicants Re-Enrolled.
h/t @FreedomPartners

Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Muffs Medicaid Expansion Questioning – Round 3: Exploding Enrollment and Costs

Job-killing #Obamacare requirements slam firms with 50-99 workers; progs calling for repeal

Anthem profit falls; #Obamacare costs too hi, cutting margins. #BewareSubsidyRisk

I hear the train wreck comin’. Rollin’ ‘round the bend. And I ain’t seen sunshine, since I don’t know when. I’m stuck in #ACA prison and…



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