HSAs, Not Obamacare, Holding Down Health Care Costs

COMMENT: Even ObamaGrubers admit that Health Savings Accounts are holding down costs. Imagine that–a free people, getting to save money and control their own health care–freedom works! Too bad the Obama administration wants to shut HSAs down.

HSA plans have become increasingly popular as companies and individuals realize their benefits. Instead of paying high premiums for low deductibles, HSAs offer high-deductible, low-premium plans that let people put money aside tax-free for out-of-pocket expenses. Any money left over is theirs to keep.”

“Democrats have long hated HSAs, mainly because they entrust consumers to make decisions about their own health care and finances, but Republicans managed to get them authorized starting in 2005. In the past seven years, enrollment has climbed 18% a year on average. Today, there are almost 20 million enrollees who have more than $24 billion in their HSA accounts. Even the number crunchers in the Health and Human Services Department admit that these “consumer-directed” health plans are helping to hold down costs.

Popular HSA Plans Face An ObamaCare Death Sentence
Investor’s Business Daily editorial, 4/05/2016

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