The Unbelievably High Cost of Single-Payer

Comment: Not just in lives lost and care denied, but in plain old cash…

“Gov. Peter Shumlin, a Democrat and longtime single-payer advocate, ultimately decided not to seeking [sic] funding from the Legislature to implement the new law, known as Green Mountain Care, effectively axing it.”

“A report commissioned by Shumlin’s office found that the plan would cost $4.3 billion in the first year, with taxpayers picking up $2.6 billion and the federal government covering the rest.”

“The report estimated his state would need to approve new personal income taxes up to 9.5 percent, in addition to existing rates ranging from 3.5 to 8.9 percent. Businesses would have to pay a 11.5 percent payroll tax — on top of 7.65 percent payroll taxes employers pay for Social Security and Medicare, the report found.”

Single-payer backers say plan would rein in health costs
By Christian M. Wade Statehouse Reporter

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