The Real Obamacare Death Spiral

Stop this train wreck – I wanna get off!

The news about #Obamacare insurance just keeps getting worse – insurers leaving, huge rate increases and narrower networks coming.  But here’s the real #Obamacare death spiral – tax credits go up with premiums. This is crazy. The national debt is already $19.2 trillion. Every cent put to Obamacare subsidies is borrowed. How can we keep doing this? We can keep throwing more and more money at the bottomless pit of Big Government, Big Insurance, and Big Healthcare, or change course and move in the direction of simplicity, catastrophic insurance, and patient-centered reform. #WrongDirection

Federal spending on major health programs (Medicaid, Medicare, #ACA) now bigger than Social Security

#ACA #crony Tavenner says #Obamacare market not stabilizing, rates will go up more next year than last

#ACA ‘stability’ can only be purchased at price of repeated rate hikes, narrower networks and higher out-of-pocket.

Virginia a microcosm: sicker pool, rate hikes, insurer profits squeezed, insurers leaving

UnitedHealth is 1 of 2 insurers in 536 counties; pull-out will cause rates to go up

Quality of #ACA coverage will continue to fall after UnitedHealth exit; race to the bottom

“Who is going to pay these ever higher full costs for the consumers who get subsidies? The health insurance fairy?”

“only one solution to the nasty mess of government-run health care and entitlements: get the government out of it.”

Healthcare costs were rising 2.6% faster than inflation, but now it’s 3.3%. Masterminds? Master con artists is more like it.

The money for Medicaid expansion is all borrowed. What do we think we’re doing?

#Obamacare – Because the Best Way to Handle Overpriced Medical Bills is to Overpay Them, with Borrowed Money!

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