UPDATE – Getting Out Ahead of the Single-Payer Debate

There wasn’t a lot of Obamacare news this week, so I want to tell you about something new the Truth Squad is doing on the single-payer front, plus give you another way to undermine support for Obamacare.  I will end on a positive note.

You’ve heard of ‘open line Fridays’.  The Truth Squad is now tweeting ‘Single Payer Mondays’.  We’re collecting the single-payer stories we see and tweeting them as a batch at 10 a.m. Eastern time on Mondays.  We criticize the single-payer proposals and commentary we see, and support our arguments with more horror stories about government-run medicine, both here and abroad.  We’re building up the collection of horror stories we already have on our website about socialized medicine in Cuba, Sweden, and other countries in the process.  The collection on our website is called ‘Deadly Germs’ and I’ll send in the link for the wrap-up.

Why are we doing this?  Because we believe the single-payer debate is coming sooner than you might think.  Presidential candidates support single-payer.  There’s also a proposal to take all of Colorado single-payer.  The Truth Squad is trying to get out ahead of the debate so our side is not caught flat-footed like we were when we first started hearing ‘46 million, 46 million, 46 million people don’t have health insurance’ when the Obamacare debate began.  That’s all we heard for months, with no response from anyone on our side.  We can’t let that happen again, unless we all want to end up in hospitals with dirty sheets like in Britain, or no sheets at all like in Cuba.

So we will be paying attention, not only to the problems with single-payer, but to the dazzling rhetoric and other tricks the Left uses to sell socialized medicine.  Their latest ruse is say single-payer is good for national defense.   They claim single-payer will be cheaper but, of course, we know that’s a lie.  Just look at Bernie Sanders’ single-payer proposal, which even the left-wing publication Vox says will cost twice as much as Bernie says it will.

If you’re on Twitter, you can pick up some ammo to fight single-payer on Mondays at 10 a.m. Eastern time.

The Truth Squad is working to undermine Obamacare in a number of ways.  One I haven’t mentioned on these webinars yet is ‘subsidy risk’.  The basic idea is to alert stock market investors that Obamacare plans are a phony, made-up business, and shareholders shouldn’t invest in companies that depend on healthcare subsidies from the government.  Subsidies have a way of disappearing, so any company that depends on government subsidies, instead of building a real business in the free market the right way, does not have a sustainable business model.  Investors should stay away.  Solyndra, anyone?  What happened to solar companies like Solyndra, when government subsidies couldn’t keep them afloat, could easily happen to healthcare companies.  Look at the insurers that are losing money because their Obamacare exchange customers are costing them a whole lot more than the insurers thought they would.  UnitedHealth’s stock went UP, after it announced it would leave Obamacare exchanges.   Then there’s the managed care providers who turn unprofitable when their Medicaid reimbursement rates get cut without warning.  There was just a story on that this week.  This is why we tell investors to ‘Beware Subsidy Risk’ and to stay away from companies that depend on Obamacare subsidies and mandates for their customers and their profits.

Finally, the percentage of Democrats viewing Obamacare unfavorably has gone up, a poll showed this week.  The percentage climbed to 25 percent, up 6 points from 19 percent in the same poll a month ago.  That’s a pretty dramatic rise for just one month, and should give us all hope that maybe, just maybe, we can get rid of this dreadful law someday.


If #ACA collapses, be ready to fight single-payer; both presidential frontrunners support it

OCTS New Feature – equipping you for the coming fight over #SinglePayer. Let’s get out ahead of the other side, for once!

Leftist publication: “Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan is twice as expensive as he says”

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“Prominent Democratic Consultants Sign Up to Defeat Single Payer in Colorado”

Selling #SinglePayer #1 – snooker conservatives like Ike sold National Defense Highway System in 1956

#SinglePayer Dazzling Rhetoric #1 – ‘it will help the national defense, cheaper, more $$ for military’.

OCTS New Feature – Deadly GeRMs (government-run medicine horror stories).  More arrows in the quiver for the #SinglePayer Hunger Games

UK deteriorating #SinglePayer fined for incompetently leaking the names of more than 700 HIV patients.

UK deteriorating #SinglePayer failing to prevent unsafe sending of elderly patients home

UK deteriorating #SinglePayer 50,000 doctors and nurses short; relying on temp agencies to fill gaps

UK deteriorating #SinglePayer canceling operations at last minute due to lack of staff and beds; 15-yr hi.

Beat me, kick me, give me #SinglePayer.

UnitedHealth stock hits all-time high after co. flees #Obamacare (investors smarter than HHS)

Investors, we keep telling you – #BewareSubsidyRisk. #ACA exchange plans are a phony made-up business.

Anthem profit falls; #Obamacare costs too hi, cutting margins. #BewareSubsidyRisk

Centene’s business model completely depends on #ACA subsidies and Medicaid contracts. #BewareSubsidyRisk

Molina profit falls due to reduced Medicaid expansion premium rates. #BewareSubsidyRisk

Formerly pro-ACA hedge fund cuts 11 healthcare holdings as threat to its capital. #BewareSubsidyRisk

Poll: A quarter of Democrats view #Obamacare unfavorably, up from 19% one month ago

Obamacare Truth Squad Twitter Feed – All the Bad News about #Obamacare Every Day
https://twitter.com/ObamacreTrthSqd @ObamacreTrthSqd

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