UPDATE – Obamacare is Corrupt

Tonight, I will introduce you to a theme the Truth Squad will be working going forward. Obamacare is corrupt.  Leave aside for the moment that it’s tyrannical, unworkable, and costs way too much. Obamacare is corrupt, and we will be pounding that theme in future posts and tweets.

Corruption is a very powerful theme that has brought down governments around the world, a famous example being Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos in the Philippines, and the latest example being Brazil. Let’s harness the power of the corruption theme and turn it into energy for repealing Obamacare.

Obamacare was born of corruption. Big Pharma made a $70 billion deal to support Obamacare in order to remove the threat that the government would allow the re-importation of cheaper-priced drugs through Canada. To hold up its end of the bargain, Big Pharma made secret contributions to political action committees to run ads in favor of senators who were for Obamacare at the time it was being considered, and ads against those who were not. Then there was the crooked deal – made in secret and against the members’ wishes – whereby the AMA (the American Medical Association) supported Obamacare in exchange for a government contract worth $100 million a year to produce diagnostic and billing codes.

Who could forget the ‘Lie of the Year’ in 2013 – President Obama promised 36 times, ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan’. That lie will eventually affect 93 million people who will lose their plans because of Obamacare. How do you lie to 93 million people and not be corrupt?

Jonathan Gruber has been investigated for billing fraud. Journalists got slush fund money to write favorable stories about Obamacare. Unions misused Obamacare navigator money to recruit new union members. Kathleen Sebelius hit up the insurers for promotion money because enrollment wasn’t going so great. Planned Parenthood got half a million dollars in Obamacare navigator contracts, despite its long history of fraud in government contracting. Government officials have cashed in on their Obamacare credentials and taken cushy jobs in the private sector, including Marilyn Tavenner who now heads up the insurance lobby. I discussed another crony on this webinar before – Rocco Perla who left HHS shortly after it was announced the government would spend Medicaid money on things like housing. Perla cashed in to become CEO of an outfit specializing in … spending Medicaid money on things like housing.

The White House coerced insurers to limit premium increases before the 2014 mid-term elections. Healthcare.gov sells your health information to outside data companies. Who knows – maybe they’re also selling it to the Democratic Party. Colorado officials were pressured to report fewer policy cancellations in order to make Obamacare look good. Oregon’s former Governor colluded with his state exchange to help his reelection campaign. That one has been referred for criminal prosecution.

And the nail in the coffin: Congress foisted this law on us, but exempted themselves from it. The House is currently in court complaining that the administration is paying out unlawful subsidies to insurers, but members of Congress and their staffs are receiving illegal Obamacare subsidies themselves, and telling the most outrageous lies to justify it. If I were the court, I would throw out the House lawsuit, telling them to clean up their own corruption first. Swearing you’re a small business on official forms when you know darn well you’re not? Really.

Obamacare is corrupt. Obamacare breeds corruption. Obamacare corrupts everyone and everything it touches. Obamacare’s endemic corruption means it will never achieve anything noble or worthwhile. You can talk about social justice all you want, but the essence of Obamacare is corruption. Corruption is a powerful theme; let’s use it.


 Corrupt pharma deal -
2015 book America’s Bitter Pill by Steven Brill (pp. 97-101).

AMA’s corrupt support for Obamacare

“Video: 36 Times Obama Lied About Keeping Your Insurance”

“Lie of the Year: ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it’”

Everything you wanted to know about Jonathan #Gruber corruption – no-bid contracts, phantom research assistants, etc.

 Slush funds for journalists to write favorable stories about Obamacare

 More #Corruption: Feds investigate whether union misused #Obamacare navigator money to recruit new members

 GAO: White House adviser (and Sebelius) involved in soliciting funds for Enroll America. Skirted spending limits.

Planned Parenthood units score half a million dollars in navigator grants, despite fraud cases.
Documentation: Corruption and Cronyism – $28 million overbilling and Medicaid fraud case against Planned Parenthood reinstated. Source: LifeNews.com
Planned Parenthood overbilling government exceeded $180 MILLION in California alone in 6-year period. Source: Human Events

#CronyAlert –CMSer leaves to become prez of multi-million $ mission creep .org to puff up what counts as healthcare

White House coercing insurers to limit premium increases before the mid-term elections
this goes back to a Tim Phillips AFP editorial –

Healthcare.gov sends your data to co.s w/o consent (how much does gov’t make selling it & where’s my cut?)

Sen Udall pressured Colorado officials to report fewer policy cancellations to make #Obamacare look better. #LIARS #corrupt

Former Oregon Governor’s pushing of state exchange for campaign purposes referred for criminal prosecution


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