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The Truth Squad has long argued that getting sucked into the vortex of Big Government, Big Insurance, and Big Healthcare is the wrong way to go.  Our mission statement, written shortly after Obamacare became law, reads in part: “the construction of a humane healthcare system lies in the direction of less government intervention, not more.” We take a dim view of the GOP’s new healthcare plan which replaces Obamacare’s universal tax credits with … universal tax credits.  Sure, getting rid of Obamacare’s mandates would be an improvement, but subsidizing healthcare through the tax code is still a distortion and ratchets up government involvement in healthcare.  This is a self-defeating exercise in futility because costs will continue to spiral upwards, sucking in more and more GDP to pay for less and less healthcare.  It’s a vicious cycle.  There is another way.  Bring market forces to bear and the myriad distortions in healthcare will begin to dissipate.  Transparent pricing alone would have many beneficial effects.  So, most Fridays at 10 a.m. ET, the Truth Squad will be tweeting the week’s news that holds out real hope for reducing costs and restoring sanity to our healthcare system.  Here’s the first batch:

Live free or submit. What will you decide?

For-profit medical schools address rural doctor shortage

Opponents of HSAs said “HSAs won’t work.”  20 million Americans say they do.

Health sharing ministries more than double enrollment since 2010 – lower costs, more caring, preexisting covered

#Obamacare stumbles backwards into bringing market forces to bear thru hi deductibles

Ambulatory surgery centers save employers $38B/yr. Hospitross association gives grumpy response.

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You Doctors sold out to insurance Co’s 2 decades ago. Take your lives back, fire them. Demand posted pricing.

AssocAmerPhys&Surg ‏@AAPSonline 12h12 hours agoNot How… But Why.
@DrBob_Southlake makes the argument for third-party-free practice:


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