Legalize Catastrophic Insurance! (6/29/16 Update)

New Endorsers
Tea Party Patriots
Virginians for Quality Healthcare
Alexandria Tea Party

These groups have endorsed the Truth Squad’s legislative proposal to allow states to legalize catastrophic insurance regardless of federal law.

In the News


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The Truth Squad has a new initiative and we hope you will join in.

Our idea is to legalize low-cost catastrophic insurance at the state-level regardless of what Obamacare says at the federal level.  Obamacare made true catastrophic insurance  illegal.  Let’s make it legal again by going through the states.

We draw a direct parallel to marijuana. Marijuana was legalized in some states even though it’s still a Schedule V controlled substance under federal law.

If nullification works for marijuana, it can work for catastrophic insurance.

Nullification has been a favorite Tea Party issue since the beginning and there have been some state bills to nullify all of Obamacare.  One bill in North Carolina would prevent the federal government from commandeering state officials to enforce Obamacare.

We’re taking a more targeted approach.  We’re just focusing on one thing:  legalize catastrophic insurance .

We have a catastrophic insurance proposal here.  There’s something called catastrophic insurance in Obamacare, but it’s really not true catastrophic insurance.  It’s got coverage mandates in it, for one thing.

Bringing back catastrophic insurance at the state level would strike a real blow against Obamacare.  We bet lots of people would switch.  What’s better – insurance that’s ‘affordable’ only after subsidies or low-cost insurance that meets a lot of people’s needs?  We think a lot of people would choose to pay the Obamacare penalty and buy a catastrophic policy, instead of buying an Obamacare exchange plan.

After the legalization of marijuana at the state level, nullification has become a much more interesting question.   Jefferson and Madison wrote in favor of nullification, saying states have a duty to protect their citizens from federal usurpations.  Even Eric Holder thinks nullification is a live option after the marijuana legalization.

The genie is out of the bottle.  The door is open for small government advocates to use nullification against a whole host of federal usurpations.  Alabama blocked UN Agenda 21 using nullification-type arguments.  The vote was unanimous in the Alabama state legislature – Democrats included. Even some liberals want states to nullify indefinite military detention under NDAA.

Keep making the nullification argument, and nullification space will grow.  We hope you will join us to spread the word and make catastrophic insurance legal again.

Contact us at if you’re interested in joining this effort.



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