1.6 Million Leave Exchanges, More Top News

If you think Obamacare is working, there’s something wrong with the way you think.

1.6 million enrollees dropped out of #Obamacare plans by the end of March, more than expected

Blue Cross Blue Shield to leave Minnesota #ACA market after losing half a billion dollars

HHS moves toward auto-reenrollment of people who exit exchanges. #HotelCalifornia – you can never leave

“New Study: ObamaCare Enrollees Twice As Expensive As Other Individual Market Enrollees” #ItsNotWorking

California Medicaid expansion exploded past projections; 4 million signed up when only 1.5 million expected

GOP ‘replacement’ plan is just ’Obamacare-lite’ that freezes a lot of the ACA in place

GOP plan replaces tax credits with…tax credits. Continues wrong-headed, expensive direction of Big Government / Big Insurance /Big Hospitals

House committee subpoenas HHS over diversion of billions for reinsurance to prop up #Obamacare

Vitter won’t back down until Congress’ ‘small business’ designation is explained and exemption ended

How can House complain O-admin stonewalling on illegal subsidies when House stonewalling ethics complaint on its own illegal subsidies?

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