49,000 Losing Plans in Illinois

Comment: “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”

“Illinois moved Tuesday to take control of Land of Lincoln Health to begin an orderly shutdown of the insurance company, meaning about 49,000 people will lose their health coverage in the coming months.”

And what killed them? Obamacare!

“The Department of Insurance said the decision was based on the startup company’s deteriorating financial condition. Land of Lincoln is required to pay $31.8 million to other insurers under a complex formula in the Affordable Care Act, which aims to keep premiums stable by balancing risks among insurers.”

“But the payment placed too much financial stress on Land of Lincoln after it lost more than $90 million last year.”

What else killed the co-op?  In part, the government going back on its promise
to pay monies:

“Acting agency Director Anne Melissa Dowling tried to intercede on the company’s behalf by suspending the payment until Land of Lincoln received promised federal financial assistance under the health-care law, known as Obamacare. But the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services didn’t agree with Dowling’s plan.”

You can argue about who promised what,who signed what laws, and whose fault it was they did not pay, but the fact is that the federal government changes its mind later, after you’re hooked, and there’s not much you can do about it.

Medicaid expansion states, are you getting this message loud and clear?”

Illinois seeks to shut down state Obamacare insurer; 49,000 to lose insurance
July 13, 2016 by Ameet Sachdev, Chicago Tribune

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