The unAffordable Act’s Death Throes–Oregon’s Co-Op Dies, Full Casualty List!

40,000 Oregonians to Lose Their Plans

Comment: A blind man could’ve seen this coming.  We sure did.

“WASHINGTON, DC – Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services announced Friday evening that Oregon’s Health CO-OP would shutter, forcing its approximately 40,000 participants to find new coverage. This is the second CO-OP in Oregon to fail as Health Republic Insurance of Oregon closed last year. The announcement means that 15 out of the original 23 Obamacare CO-OPs have closed their doors at a total cost to taxpayers of over $1.5 billion. The closures have come at an increasingly rapid rate – 12 of the CO-OPs have collapsed since last September, with Connecticut closing last week.”

Oregon’s Health Co-op Shuts Its Doors As Taxpayer Losses Surpass $1.5B
July 12, 2016


THE OCTS CO-OP “HONOR” ROLL: Failed CO-OPs  (from same source, in order by closing announcement):

  1.  CoOportunity Health – Iowa and Nebraska,  Cost: $145,312,100
  2.  Louisiana Health Cooperative, Inc.,  Cost: $65,790,660
  3.  Nevada Health Cooperative,  Cost: $65,925,396
  4.  Health Republic Insurance of New York,  Cost: $265,133,000
  5.  Kentucky Health Care Cooperative – Kentucky and West Virginia,  Cost: $146,494,772
  6.  Community Health Alliance Mutual Insurance Company – Tennessee,   Cost: $73,306,700
  7.  Colorado HealthOp,  Cost: $72,335,129
  8.  Health Republic Insurance of Oregon,  Cost: $60,648,505
  9.  Consumers’ Choice Health Insurance Company – South Carolina,  Cost: $87,578,208
  10.  Arches Mutual Insurance Company – Utah,  Cost: $89,650,303
  11.  Meritus Health Partners – Arizona,  Cost: $93,313,233
  12.  Consumers Mutual Insurance – Michigan,  Cost: $71,534,300
  13.  InHealth Mutual – Ohio,  Cost: $129,225,604
  14.  HealthyCT – Connecticut,  Cost: $127,980,768
  15.  Oregon Health’s CO-OP – Oregon,  Cost: $56,656,900


(Note: This total does not include Vermont’s CO-OP, which was denied an insurance license by the state, and was dissolved before enrolling a single person.)

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