‘Free Market’ Tweet Most Popular This Week

Our most popular tweet this week came from the ‘Free Market Fridays’ set we do most Fridays at 10 a.m. ET.  We’ve developed a bit of a following for that set – doctors, clinics, consultants, etc.

Obamacare holding back Direct Primary Care, but solution to physician burn-out and suicide

Genius Obamacare masterminds failed to anticipate how sick the risk pool would be; ACA headed to collapse

Would-be masterminds clucking their way to healthcare nirvana in CT. Price controls? Sure, that’ll work.

“So the purpose of the “public option” is not to supplement private insurance, but to finish it off.”

EHRs #MuggedByReality – providers charging “ridiculous” fees to connect, deliberately blocking interoperability

Colorado #SinglePayer – 10% payroll tax would make Colorado highest taxed state in the nation

Prediction: remaining insurers will be told ‘eat your exchange losses or lose your big Medicaid/Medicare managed care contracts’.

#Obamacare one broken promise after another – skyrocketing costs, insurers leaving. ‘ACA destroying the market’

“my new policy effective 7/1 but still can’t see providers (and you’re paying for the $450 subsidy this month)”

#ACA: The coercion, the lies, the wasted money, the train wrecks, the cronyism. & now you want to double down with the public option? Never!




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