Dropping Like Flies–10,000 To Lose Plans in New Mexico

Comment:  It’s gettin’ ugly folks.  But the solution is simple: don’t force people to buy things they don’t need or want, just let them pay cash for ordinary care, and buy super-cheap catastrophic insurance for the rest.  That eliminates the middlemen, saves a bundle.  Problem solved.

“Many insurers are shedding their Obamacare plans lately, and that now includes the largest health plan in New Mexico. Presbyterian Health Plan will no longer offer individual and family policies on the Affordable Care Act marketplace, starting next year, company officials said Monday.”

“The decision will affect 10,000 exchange members…”


“Also on Monday, Presbyterian said it will be requesting an average increase of 21 percent on its non-exchange, individual plan premiums. The insurer had sought an average 30 percent hike on its exchange plans before deciding to pull out of the exchange.”

“The other insurers providing care to the current 55,000 New Mexicans on Obamacare are in the process of filing 2017 rate proposals, and many have suggested they will seek big increases. In preliminary filings this spring, New Mexico Health Connections sought a bump of 20 percent to 30 percent on its individual plans. Christus and Molina asked for increases of between 3 percent and 6 percent. Blue Cross, which is returning to the state’s health insurance exchange after taking a year off, has requested rates that are between 20 percent and 83 percent higher than its 2015 rates.”

Presbyterian to drop out of Obamacare exchange
By Steve Sinovic / Journal Staff Writer     Published: Monday, July 11th, 2016 at 12:59pm

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