Another 22,000 Ohioans Lose Plans … and Face IRS Penalty Because of It – UNFAIR!

Comment: What’s even better than Obamacare killing your plan? Why, losing your plan, getting Obama-fined for it, and having to pay a second deductible!  Trois fois merci, Obamacare!

“The Ohio Department of Insurance took control of Westerville-based InHealth because of its insolvency [...]. But under state law, total benefits for individuals maintaining InHealth coverage have been capped at $500,000 a year, making the plan non-compliant with the Affordable Care Act, which prohibits annual benefits limits.”

“Consequently, policyholders who stick with InHealth could be subject to substantial tax penalties for not having qualified coverage under the law’s individual mandate  [...].”

““We did everything right. We chose a plan that met all the essential benefits requirements, and we’re still looking at a tax penalty,” said West Carrollton resident Tammy Braden, referring to her husband, Douglas. “It’s just unfair that we would have to pay a penalty for something that happened through no fault of our own.”” [...]

““We dish out $1,100 a month for our health care — which is more than our house payment — plus a $4,500 deductible that we’ve already met,” Braden said. “We just can’t afford to start a brand new deductible right now.”"

InHealth customers face fines, higher costs
Friday, July 15, 2016
By Randy Tucker – Staff Writer

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