MEDICAID EXPANSION Responsible For ONE TENTH of the National Deficit in 2014

OCTS original reporting, July 15, 2016

Our Friend, Mr. National Debt

Pretty much anything with a pulse (including your neighbor’s cat) knows America’s national debt is the twenty-trillion pound elephant ready to crush the country’s future.

Wondering just how that’s going, a trip over to the Office of Management and Budget’s website at tells us that, in 2014, the United States piled up a mind-numbing deficit of $484.6 billion dollars (and twenty-four cents, but who’s counting?) on top of the previous Mt. Everest-heap’s worth of future bad karma.

“But what does this have to do with Obamacare?” ye ask, faithful readers?

Hold onto your mortgaged horses, this handy graphic from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation shows that new spending resulting from Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, all by itself, accounted for $47.2 billion dollars of 2014′s deficit. That’s nearly ONE-TENTH of the national deficit in 2014 FOR THIS ONE ITEM!  (But not to worry, that’ll soon go even higher, as more states start charging up a Medicaid shopping-spree on the national Mastercard.)

To sum it all up, here is Knoxville Tea Party’s handy-dandy little Medicaid High Finance Guide:

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