Top Tweets – Scene from a Train Wreck

Illinois co-op victim paid $4,550 herself, has to start over again. “truly unaffordable and unfair”

Another 22,000 Ohioans Lose Plans … and Face IRS Penalty Because of It – UNFAIR! Story & Commentary at

Let’s Make a Crony Deal – give me my merger and I’ll stay in the Obamacare business. And if you don’t….

Continuing federal aid masks budget shortfalls at state exchanges

Number of part-time workers rising; Obamacare to blame

Another ACA trap for unwary employers: ‘employer’ is loosely defined; unwary can have #ACA obligations

ACA-driven doc consolidation has hurt quality. Docs working shorter hours, nurse practitioners fill void.

Proof quality goes down in gov’t run medicine – Covered California assigning nurses as primary care ‘provider’

‘Obamacare provides safety net for catastrophic care & major illness.’ How the mighty have fallen. #ItsNotWorking

Federal judge rules Obamacare can’t force individuals and families to buy contraceptive coverage

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