Small Businesses Advised To Shunt Employees To Obamacare

Comment: This “helpful” article from Money magazine advises small companies not to even bother offering insurance any more. Just send your workers straight over to the Obamacare dole, for the welfare candy.

“For a small business, helping employees sign up for Obamacare often is the best idea for them.”

Our author proceeds to extol the ‘benefit’ of receiving subsidies from the federal government, funded from your own taxes, so that you can buy over-priced insurance you wouldn’t have bought yourself, given the choice.

Pro-tip:  Taxing you, then making you buy over-priced Obamacare that is subsidized from your own taxes doesn’t make insurance more affordable.  It doesn’t save you a dime, it costs you more!  But it does mean you have no control over the product you buy, no choice, and less money.

Should Your Small Business Offer Health Insurance?
by Robb Mandelbaum, July 25, 2016

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