It’s Official–Your Private Obamacare Data Is For Sale

Comment: Obamacare collects an amazing, unprecedented amount of extremely personal information on you.  And now, by bureaucratic decree, it’s for sale, a basic violation of your (previously) unalienable rights.

“Data mining of patient medical records kept by the federal government will get a boost by the CMS, following the release of finalized changes to the so-called Qualified Entity Program.”

“The final rule released Friday authorizes certain CMS-approved organizations – including for-profit companies – to buy Medicare claims and other federal data at a price that matches the governments’ cost in processing the data. These “qualified entities” can then combine it with patient data from insurance companies, providers and other sources, and then resell that data to those organizations and others, including employers and devicemakers.”

CMS updates rule allowing claims data to be sold
By Joseph Conn and Adam Rubenfire  | July 1, 2016

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