Oh Dear, Obamacare Strikes IL, AGAIN!

Comment: These heart-warming stories of Obamacare’s wonderful big-government plan-spoiling largess make us here at OCTS feel warm and tingly, like singing Christmas carols. “Ohhhh-ba-ma-care, Oh-ba-ma-care, how lovely are your branches?”  Isn’t Gruberized(tm) health care wonderful, affordable, and compassionate? (Not.)

“Thousands of Illinoisans heeded federal law and bought health insurance last year via the state’s Obamacare exchange. They signed up with Land of Lincoln Health, a state-approved insurer. They paid their premiums and deductibles. Many counted on that coverage to manage chronic illnesses or other long-term treatment.”

“Now, a kick in the teeth: Land of Lincoln has collapsed. Its customers must scramble for new coverage in an upcoming “special enrollment” period. They will have 60 days to find another plan on the Illinois exchange to cover the last three months of the year.”

“Wait. It gets worse. Those customers might have to pay higher premiums for that coverage. And they’ll have to meet deductible and out-of-pocket payment thresholds all over again. Resetting those out-of-pocket costs likely will be expensive for policyholders with chronic illnesses who have already paid thousands of dollars to meet their deductibles.”

(The editorial board goes on to accuse Obamacare of treating non-viable money-losing bankrupt ObamaGruber No-Ops(tm) “shabbily”.  Ah, the irony.)

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